Service Project – Extension of Global Read Aloud

by mrsapia

I am incredibly elated to announce a service project that my class is in the process of organizing for the Springdale School community. Because of our participation in the Global Read Aloud (The One and Only Ivan), and due to the catastrophic events cause by Hurricane Sandy, students are having conversations about ways to help others, especially animals.

During the first few weeks of December, Mr. Sapia’s Superstars, alongside the Springdale Service Team, will be collecting monetary donations from the Springdale School Community to raise money for Outreach to Pets in Need, which is located in Stamford, CT.

Students will be participating in the following activities:

Creating a song about The One and Only Ivan with Dr. Errico to sing to the school to make them aware of this project.

Creating student posters encouraging donations to a worthy cause.

Creating QR codes, linking to student’s Google Newspapers, to have an online presence.

Ongoing reflection through the use of Kidblog to express themselves through the process of helping others and to have their voice be heard.

Awareness will be raised through the use of social media and creation of videos explaining the mission of the project. Videos will be posted on our classroom website, school website, PTO Facebook page, and Mr. Sapia’s Twitter feed.

We all believe it will be a valuable lesson for students to participate in this type of project to see what a committed group of individuals can do to make a difference in the world.

Side Note – Navigate over to our Kidblog site and scroll to pages two and three to see all the thoughtful and insightful responses students have typed.