Using Quick Key in the Classroom

by mrsapia

Part of my daily routine at this point is to scroll through my PLN feed on Twitter.  As I’ve talked about numerous times in past blog posts, the information shared is invaluable.  A tool I just heard about is Quick Key. This app is the dream child of Walter Duncan, @4_teachers on Twitter.

Check out this video for a brief explanation of it’s features.

How Do I Use it in the Classroom? 

After assigning students a purposeful homework task, such as DRP (Degrees of Reading Power) to help with vocabulary building and using context clues, I also print out a “Quick Ticket” for students to mark their answers on.”  Quick tickets are available on their website after creating an account.  Upon entering the classroom the next day, students give me their “Quick ticket” and I use the free QuickKeyApp  to scan their work.  What’s so powerful about this tool is that it easily corrects the student’s answers, and generates valuable data.   You can also use the app to break down the data by student and by question.  Having this real-time data to utilize and drive instruction in a purposeful, concise manner is so important to helping kids where they can improve.

Here is a sample of some student’s results using the app:


As you can tell by the above data, I now know that my class had a very difficult time with questions 4, 5, 6, and 8.  This will prompt me to go back and review those questions in a small group or whole group.

Here is a sample of the multiple ways you can export data:


Going Semi-Paperless:

If you use a LMS such as Edmodo or Schoology, you can go even deeper with going paperless by sending the multiple choice assignment electronically, then just have your students fill out the “quick ticket.”  Another great idea shared on Twitter was laminating your “quick ticket” so students can reuse.

Give it a Try!

You can also use this tool in the classroom for a quick formative assessment check-in as well.  Keep in mind that this app only works with multiple choice.  It’s super simple to sign-up, register your students, and create a quiz.  As of now, the app is still free.  As always, feedback and/or comments are always welcomed.