New Teacher Orientation Links

by mrsapia

Aloha New Educators,

Congrats on the first day of your new career. As I mentioned during my presentation today, here are some helpful links as you begin your new journey as an educator.  I hope you will find them helpful. 

Haiku Deck Presentation

Here are a couple of links to books that I HIGHLY recommended you read.

Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess
Passionate Learners: Giving the Classroom Back to Students by Pernille Ripp
Falling in Love with Close Reading Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts
Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller
Mindset by Carol Dweck

Highly Recommended Apps:

Remind – Connecting with Parents

Google DriveEvernote – Workflow apps to keep your notes, thoughts, and to do lists organized.  All Cloud based. 


Notability – Can annotate PDFs and SO much more.   

Educreations – Free Interactive Whiteboard app. Great app for content creations across all subject areas. ***

Explain Everything – $2.99 Interactive Whiteboard app. Great app for content creations across all subject areas. ***

Haiku Deck – Elegant and beautiful minimlistic presentation software ***

Skype – Video Conferencing ***

Google Hangouts – Video conferencing  ***

Raz Kids – Online guided reading program with interactive ebooks, downloadable books, and reading quizzes.

Kidblog – Kidblog is designed for K-12 teachers who want to provide each student with an individual blog. Students publish posts and participate in academic discussions and connect with others around the world! ***

 – Edmodo provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share and create content, and access homework, grades and school notices. ***

Tellagami – Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated video called a Gami. ***

i-nigma – Easily scan QR codes ***

*** – denotes app can be used in any subject area! Remember, always focus on the process of learning and the outcome, then the tool!!!


List of Twitter Chats by day and time

Twitter in Educations:

Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter:

Twitter for Teachers:

Guide to Twitter:

40 Educational Tweets Everyone Should Know About:

More Educators to Follow on Twitter:


Digital Citizenship:

Cybraryman’s Digital Citizenship Page


Student and Parent Surveys, courtesy of Pernille Ripp:

Beginning of Year Student Questionnaire 

Beginning of Year Parent Questionnaire