Donor’s Choose Project

by mrsapia

Hello awesome people of the world! I have posted a new Donor’s Choose Project and my scholars and I would love your support to get this project fully funded to start the year off! Click the link below to read all about it.

Creating an Environment for Students to Thrive Using Technology

If you donate within the next seven days and use the code LIFTOFF, Donor’s Choose will match your donation up to $100.  It’s like free money.  This matching offer ends on Tuesday, August 23rd.

Finally, there is a section for an optional donation to donor’s choose.  This adds $300 to the cost. A way to “opt-out” of that optional donation can be seen below.  This would lengthen the donation process and I’d love to get these chromebooks in the hands of my scholars as soon as possible.

This amount cannot be removed from your project page, but donors can easily exclude it in the donation step. Any donor can opt out of including it in the checkout process – if someone selects “give” on your project page, they can click “edit” or “optional donation” in the cart review step of the donation process and opt out.

Thanks in advance for supporting my amazing scholars on their journey through sixth grade! It means the world to us all!



Mr. Sapia