VLOG: 5 Things I Want My Students to Know

by mrsapia

Pacing guides.  Small group lesson plans.  Curriculum and common core standards. Not enough time in the day. Disjointed and non relevant PD. Lack of technology resources. No time to plan as a team to create interdisciplinary units.  These are issues many teachers face in the day to day responsibilities and requirements of our jobs. They are real issues we all face.  But we must not let this interfere with our most important stakeholders, our students.

Building trusting and caring relationships with our students should be our number priority.  With this foundation set, it will allow teachers to take risks and push our students to ensure they feel valued in our classrooms.  In the spirit of that thinking, below are things I want my students to know. I call these videos “30 seconds of PD with Mr. Sapia!”

I’m Human:


I make mistakes:


I see you as more than a number or grade:


I will push and challenge you to maintain very high social and academic standards:


I will respect your learning style and needs: